Arupac S.A is a company that was created nearly 30 years ago orientated in the construction of residences, commercial areas and office buildings. Its main objective is to be the operation arm of Deinar S.A, our development company. This means that Arupac S.A only make its own projects.

The company has a longstanding record of making quality products; it is specially known for building the highiest towers in Buenos Aires with first class amenities. Arupac built residences and office buildings, hotels, parking and commercial stores.
One of its main characteristics is their vertical structure; they have its own employees, such as architects, engineers, and construction workers.
Its trajectory is endorsed with more than 80.000 sqm constructed with the best equipment and technology.
Arupac base its success not only on the quality of its products; but on the long term relationships that has with every buyer. This is the challenge of this company.